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    So fathers day arrived today for me with the addition of the new mini keyboard and a blue tooth mouse (Logitech V470) all I can say is WOW! The keyboard takes a little getting used to but once you do man can you motor. With the mouse it's just like having a full blown laptop. I can finally edit my expense and mileage excel sheets, type long emails and surf the web like a standard computer. It's like getting a new PB all over again. Now all I need is a handwriting app and I'll be beside myself! Now while on the road I will never have to crack open my laptop!
    06-15-12 03:33 PM
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    You're a lucky guy! I'm going to leave this thread open on my PlayBook as a subtle hint. It sure sounds like a hot setup. Have fun with them.
    06-15-12 08:27 PM
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    I too love the mini keyboard... yes, it takes some time to get used to it, and I'm still learning.. I have a copy of the User Guide on my PB as a PDF file and refer to it often. The link below my signature, is the 15 page Guide.
    06-15-12 09:28 PM
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    Thanks for the users guide! On my PB now, will come in handy till I get all the short cuts mastered!!!
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    06-15-12 09:56 PM
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    You're Welcome! And Welcome to the forums too...
    06-15-12 10:00 PM
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    You're Welcome! And Welcome to the forums too...
    Thanks for the welcome, been a lurker for years and years. Figured it was time I get off my and get active over here! Pretty sad only 14 posts in 4 years!
    06-15-12 10:02 PM
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    I was the same way... lurked and read. Didn't start posting until a year ago. But I sure learned alot, and thought it time to help others with their problems.. pay it forward is my motto.
    06-15-12 10:12 PM
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    A happy thread??? Now that's refreshing.
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    06-16-12 07:49 AM
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    A happy thread??? Now that's refreshing.
    Well it's one of those things that happens when you finally find a product that does everything you need it to! Now with one single app my playbook would literally do everything I want it to do.
    I've looked at android and iOS devices and they certainly fill a market but both didn't "fit" my needs. The playbook does and I haven't been disappointed once. The cool part is as it's evolved over the past year with OS2 and now with BB10 coming it just keeps getting better.
    It's funny that at work I'm one of 5 that run a PB while everyone else runs Ipads and the conversation is always "I need an app for my Ipad that does this", my PB does that right out of the box! All the guys are paying for a stand alone data plan for their devices while my PB bridged to my Torch costs me nothing. For what I need my PB is a perfect fit.
    A perfect fit for business, and a great travel companion for movies, music and a few choice games. I think too often with mobile computing people dwell on what it doesn't do vs. what it does do and does extremely well. In fact I liked my PB so much I bought a second one!
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    06-16-12 03:50 PM