1. sardookie35's Avatar
    When I select my yahoo mail icon from the home screen and try to compose an email message how can i get my address book info with all my email addresses from yahoo...it is directing me to my contact info from the phone and not my yahoo address book...please help this is frustrating...i know it probably something real simple and smacking me in the face!!!
    01-24-08 09:56 PM
  2. GadgetGuru72's Avatar
    The Yahoo Mail icon on your home screen will only access the e-mail addresses on your BB. If you want your Yahoo address book on your BB, there is 2 ways to get it there:

    (1) Download Yahoo Go! on your BB and sync your address book directly to your BB, or
    (2) Download Yahoo Sync to your computer and sync Yahoo with Outlook, and then sync Outlook with your BB.
    01-24-08 10:02 PM
  3. garyschmitt111's Avatar
    It says to type get.go.yahoo.com into my browser. Where in my browser? I'm illiterate, step by step?
    04-29-08 10:06 AM