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    Hello everybody.

    So i dont know what i did....but my screen on my dingleberry is constantly white.

    I was working fine til this morning...I was charging it using my laptop...
    laptop battery died.
    Retrieved phone and scrolled my trackball, and the screeen started turning into green and blue lines. (like what a computer would do when the page freezes up.....wherever i moved to my phone...half the screeen changed and the other half was all "crazy" like.

    I tried a batt pull....it worked fine after that for about 5 or 6 hours....
    now its a blank screen, ive tried about 20 more battery pulls....
    I can see the red status light turn on when i put the battery in...and i can hear my track ball click....but still blank...

    Ive resorted to using my previous samsung.....

    ^that is not acceptable.

    Does anyone know what i can do...or have a solution for me?

    Thank you much again
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    08-12-07 07:07 PM
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    Have you recently backed up all your files and settings and if so, perhaps do a wipe of the device. I know it's drastic but I had to do it twice and it works knock on wood perfect now.

    08-12-07 07:42 PM