1. mylan512's Avatar
    hi.. i'm new to the blackberry world. i just got my pearl a week ago and i am very pleased. i'm still getting used to the os but the suretype program is great. i was very used to the t9 input with my old phones and wasn't so sure about this one.. but once i started typing... i thought it was very easy to pick up. sorry.. i'm getting off topic... my question is: where can i find the latest firmware for my phone. right now.. i'm running version 4.2.64 from tmobile. according the the website.. that's the latest on for this carrier.. but i was reading the other posts and i know there's a newer version. can i install the newer versions from the other carrier without messing up my phone?? and if so.. where can i find it and how do i install it?? thanks in advance for and help!!

    06-15-07 09:54 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
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    Rogers, I believe have a newer version. But you have to ask yourself this. "What benefits will I get with this new version?" Based on that, then decide to do the install / update...
    06-15-07 10:05 AM