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    I'm trying to solve a 8110 pearl issue my sister has been having for a while. Here's the situation

    whenever a message/call/notification/media player speakerphone or whatever else would cause your phone to ring or vibrate, we get a very VERY weak vibrate and a very low volume ring. pretty much impossible to hear unless your holding the phone to your ear.

    The external speaker is whats interesting. It will work, you can hear all audio coming from it. Its just very quiet. volume up and down still works.

    Her phone worked well for a while, just seems over night it did this to the Vibrate and Volume.

    So... what we have tried to do to fix this issue:
    1. Battery pull... naturally.
    2. Clicking the top mute button in every possible way
    3. Opening the battery cover and squeezing the speaker area (for loose connections)
    4. Rolling back the OS to a prior one (currently it is 4.5). I didn't try to roll back to the original box OS
    5. Making sure the "Do not disturb" is not set.
    6. and ... well... hitting it. yup. I went there...

    Thing is.. if its a speaker malfunction, why would the vibrate become so weak also? To me, it seems like it took all the notifications profiles (ring and vibe) and divided its power by like 10.

    Any ideas?
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