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    I know this question has been asked before in the past, but from what I've been reading, I'm still a little unsure.

    My cat knocked my 8220 into a sink full of water while I was doing dishes - the phone was submerged for maybe 4-5 seconds, after which I disassembled the phone, dried everything off with a paper towel, and left the components to finish air drying. I didn't put anything into the rice as I heard is the best way to completely soak up any excess moisture, but the phone worked without an issue about two days later. Two weeks after the fact, my phone is unusable as of a few days ago, when it started compulsively resetting. This happened to me a few months ago, not a result of water damage, and I had to have the phone replaced with the one I'm using now. As of today, a tech with my service provider ascertained that the phone needs to be replaced again, and set up an in-store replacement. The reps there however will be looking for water damage, and I am curious to see whether or not they will find any.

    The small square sticker near the SIM card slot is pure white, with no markings or smudges or discolouration. However, the sticker at the end of my batter is pink, with very clear darker pink X's on it. I read that if the sticker was pink, it's game over, yet other things I read said that it's okay if it's pink, as long as the X's are discernable. Does anyone know for sure whether or not I'm in trouble?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    06-19-10 02:20 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If the moisture indicators on the battery are clear and distinct, not smudged or runny, you may pass as far as that indicator is concerned. RIM knows the battery can easily be replaced, so they also put one or more moisture indicators internally. The techs will find those. I haven't taken a BlackBerry apart and can't tell you where to look to check them for yourself.
    06-19-10 02:54 PM
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    Does the unit work? Can you see water damage in the screen? If not try to get it replaced. Or if you have insurance put a claim in.

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    06-19-10 05:36 PM
  4. hubermania's Avatar
    The only moisture indicators I've noticed are the white square at the SIM slot and two white dots on the case screws. If those are all snow white, you might be okay. The moisture indicator on my battery has been pink for eternity, Granted it's one of two that I keep in my oft-rained-on backpack.

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    06-20-10 04:55 PM
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    wondering what ended up happening? I had my flip fall into a sink by a fur child this weekend. everything is working fine except for the fact that you cannot hear me speaking...otherwise, no problems. the battery does have the pink X but the phone has only white inside where you all mentioned to look.

    wondering if they said anything about water damage on your phone?
    08-29-10 06:52 PM