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    Hey everyone,

    Just joined .... lots of great info here, but i did a search and I can't be the first to be stuck on this but i searched and did not find an answer that made sense.
    1. I have been beating my self up trying to find the best "FREE" and "PAY" video converter, also what if anything is the difference between AVI and MPEG4 ( as far as on the pearl ). I mostly convert the dvd's i have bought for traveling. Having trouble with the AVI format

    2. Have been reading about how "everyone can't live without BB Messenger" I feel like the lone **** i have never used it before. Does it cost$ to use (have unlimited data plan) and i believe i found my pin when i connect to my desktop a "PIN:" # appears in the lower left hand corner id that the one i use? Just asking cause i almost fell for that "PTT" att thing which with further investagation stinks.

    Sorry if I am re-asking
    08-08-07 12:34 PM
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    1. I watch .avi files no problem, but I do need to optimize them for the BB. I use BlackBerry Video Converter, and it crunches a 350MB .avi of a tv show recorded in HD down to about 118 MB. It runs without a hitch.

    2. BB Messenger uses PIN messaging, which goes over the RIM data network. It does not incur SMS text message usage. If you have unlimited data, you have unlimited BBM! Downside, BBM only works with other BB users since it works by PIN.

    Yes, Desktop Manager is displaying your PIN when it is Connected.

    Welcome to The Crack!
    08-08-07 01:25 PM
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    Im too am still new BB world and thank you for the infor on BBM!

    So when you use the bb video converter any particular one? and how long does it take to convert that file you mentioned above?
    08-25-07 08:38 PM