1. Beau79's Avatar
    So I activated an old pearl I had (has been deactivated for over 4 months) for my wife and registered a new line for her as well.

    So I waited the 1.5 suggested hours before dialing *228 and then option 1 as advised by Verizon agent. "We're sorry, we cannot activate your phone right now, please dial 1800 blah blah"

    So after 6 hours of waiting, nothing, finally had to call tech support and they helped me change settings to manually register it.

    So, the data and phone segments work fine, but the phone is unable to update PRL over the air (Preferred Roaming Lists) and still is unable to register OTA.

    Any suggestions or ideas WHY this phone would be acting like this? I updated to the latest official OS offered by Verizon. I also did a wipe to make sure nothing was wrong with the phone OS.

    04-23-09 09:14 PM
  2. ACavuoto28's Avatar
    Where are you geo located?
    04-23-09 09:30 PM
  3. Beau79's Avatar
    Where are you geo located?
    NYC, line registered in MD.
    04-24-09 07:34 AM
  4. austinkli's Avatar
    Where the line is registered shouldn't matter.

    I can tell you that would not be the OS causing that. Usually it's VZW's system. Could you give me a little more info as to the background of the phone? Was it previously used on her line or a different one?
    04-25-09 04:32 PM