1. coduke's Avatar
    I need to setup 2 users' blackberries in a small office that i work in part time. Their email is a little crazy how it is set up, they have an exchange server for internal emails, calendars and contacts and then they each have a bellsouth email address fro their internet email. what is the best way to setup their BB to get their bellsoth email? I wasn't sure if i should forward to the BB or setup bellsouth on each device, not really sure what BIS does. I assume that they will have to sync their calendar and contacts while at the office, or is there a way to push these to the BB?

    thanx in adavnce for any and all help
    04-30-08 08:27 AM
  2. aaronk717's Avatar
    I would recommend going through bis if the emails are just plain jane pop3 or imap...which it sounds like they are. You can do that going through email settings or setup wizard on the phone. You can also set them up via the blackberry verizon site however you may needs vzws help with this because pearls can be difficult sometimes. You should be able to sync contact and calendar through outlook if that where they get it by syncing with desktop software. If their bellsouth emails have their own calendars they can use I would sync through bis also. God speed and I hope this helps!
    05-02-08 11:12 PM