1. BNHabs's Avatar
    I deleted some applications on my Blackberry. Is there anyway to get them back? Will wiping out my Blackberry do the trick? I also made a backup of the Blackberry before I deleted the applications, will that cover applications like BB Messenger, BB Maps?
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    06-28-08 11:28 AM
  2. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    Did you do a restore from your backup?
    06-28-08 01:13 PM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    Core apps like BBMessenger and BBMaps can be restored by running Desktop Manager App Loader and checking them. App Loader will restore them for you, without you having to restore from a backup.
    06-28-08 01:16 PM
  4. BNHabs's Avatar
    Do I need to download any OS? Or it will just pick up that I don't have those programs? Also, when I download games do they take up device memory? How much space do you think I saved from deleting BB Messenger + Maps. Is it worth the amount of space when I don't really use those programs?
    06-28-08 02:22 PM
  5. jeffh's Avatar
    You will need to reload your OS. Follow this procedure by Stoner and it will be relatively easy. Installing games does use device memory. Deleting BBMessenger and BBMaps frees up memory.
    06-28-08 02:44 PM
  6. BNHabs's Avatar
    Am I able to take the OS and only load those two applications?
    06-28-08 02:46 PM
  7. jeffh's Avatar
    Yes, but the Memory Optimization steps are worth doing. If you don't, you'll have problems later...
    06-28-08 02:52 PM
  8. BNHabs's Avatar
    One last question. I had Blackberry Maps installed on my Blackberry but it did not show up as an icon ANYWHERE. Why is it installed if I cannot use it? Does it show up only when you have a Blackberry plan? Can't I just uninstall programs from by Blackberry, why do I have to reload OS?
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    06-28-08 02:55 PM
  9. jeffh's Avatar
    Unless you are an AT&T user running OS 4.5, you should be able to use it. If you are an AT&T user running a lower version OS, John Clark's procedure details the edits you make to enable it. Note: Clark's procedure and Stoner's procedure both deal with the same memory optimizations. Clark addresses the AT&T problem and Stoner doesn't. Here's the Clark procedure.
    06-28-08 03:03 PM
  10. BNHabs's Avatar
    What's the difference between removing applications and stuff on your device then through OS installation? I'm using OS 4.5. That means I can use it?
    06-28-08 03:07 PM
  11. jeffh's Avatar
    I can't give advice on OS 4.5 because I don't have it installed on my device. In general, some applications can only be removed by editing the OS load, while others can be removed using the App Loader.
    06-28-08 03:12 PM
  12. BNHabs's Avatar
    Okay thank you. You where such a help! I learned that on the 4.5 OS that you cannot use BB Maps because my carrier disabled it.
    06-28-08 03:14 PM
  13. BNHabs's Avatar
    I have one more question. When I installed both applications I did not restart my Blackberry when prompted. Instead I took out my battery while the phone was on and put it back in. Does this do the same thing?
    06-28-08 06:34 PM