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    Hi, so I need some help with updating my software. I downloaded .305 from the bb website, deleted vendor.xml, deleted the tmobile myfaves thing (whatever it's called), ran DM, pluged in my 8220, went to app loader, chose update software, selected version, clicked next, and then it takes me to "update summary", and says "no software update is required for your device"

    What went wrong? Did I miss something? I've been working on this for a couple of hours, and have gotten no where. Does my bb need to be unlocked or something? Help would be MUCH appreciated,

    EDIT: Ok, so finally after hours of frustration (yes, hours) I figured out the problem; I had to disconnected my internet in order to update. I had everything else perfectly right, just that stupid internet! 3 hours gone to waste over that one tiny little problem. So anyways, problem solved!
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