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    Hi all - Am new to posting on this forum, but have already spent plenty of time reading through stuff and making use of this site!

    To the problem - I have just taken delivery of 9 unbranded Pearl devices which I am busy implementing onto our BES V4 SP4 server - all working ok so far :-)

    The problem is the unbranded devices only have the default Blackberry themes on, and the rest remain locked. The problem with these themes is they group the SMS/MMS messages and Emails under one button, where as the T-Mobile theme for example splits them out into two icons.

    I read a thread on this forum about unlocking the themes by editing one of the files from a downloaded OS, we have 1 device that I did this on (T-Mobile) which worked fine and all themes were unlocked , it picked up the update when I connected it to my computer using the Desktop Manager software, the unbranded device won't see the update, nor can I use the Application Loader software to upload even parts of it. I get a message 'No additional applications designed for your device were found' and it stops there.

    I have spoken to Carphone Warehouse who provided the phone, they pointed me to T-Mobile who were not much help either

    I have only managed to find OS's that were linked into one network or another, short of downloading every OS and trying to update I am a bit stuck.

    Other things I have already tried:

    - looking for the Vendor.XML file to delete it (couldn't find it anywhere)
    - copying all theme cod files and running an XML file I found on this site to update themes
    - looking on the Blackberry site for a generic OS
    - trying the vendor ID keyboard code (alt+shift+h) but it doesn't work

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    08-21-07 03:45 AM
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    Did you look for the vendor.xml file in a file search on your PC? What is your carrier? I found the OS for my carrier and updated it. Then I went in an deleted the vendor.xml file ( i found it by using a search for the file on my PC) then I went in and deleted the text that was locking the themes. Both when I downloaded the OS and then changed the text my pearl said it had an update available and I let it do it's think. It tooka bit to reboot but after that I was golden. I woudl do all of that first then try unbranding the phone.
    08-21-07 08:03 AM