1. BlackBerryMan83's Avatar
    Ok my girfriend has a BB Pearl which is now broken.. I am planning on buying her another one.. I've been looking around on ebay and I found ones that were onlocked... So my question is, if I buy one of the unlocked BB pearls, all she has to do is put her SIM card in the unlocked BB Pearl and it will instantly work or is there something else I have to do to make it work?? Just wondering I dont know anything about unlocked phones, so i figured I"d ask before I made the purchase,. Thanks again :-)
    08-25-10 12:47 PM
  2. TmobileBBPearl8100's Avatar
    hi there, I actually baught my sister a blackbeary bold 9700, and now I have her bb pearl 8100, and it is unlocked.

    to answer your question, if you put in a t-mobile sim, you should have no problems at all. however, since the phone is unlocked, it should also take a at&t sim with no problem.

    btw I have this pearl here, i was going to put up on ebay myself. maybe i can sell it to you, just give me your best offer and maybe we can work something out. how much is the ebay one selling for?
    08-28-10 04:28 PM