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    I am attempting to uninstall the Desktop Manager but after going to Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel, the remove/ uninstall button disappeared after I used the Task Manager to stop Roxio Media Manager from installing. I have installed the Roxio with the use of Desktop Manager installation but it still attempts to install even after it is installed already. Now I just want to go back to my previous Desktop Manager but unable to uninstall the 4.3. Unfortunately I did not have my System Restore turned on before all of this. What should I do now? Besides from doing a Windows XP install from the Recovery CDs from Dell. I have a Inspiron E1505.
    12-07-07 08:06 AM
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    Just reinstall everything, desktop manager and roxio, once it's all installed you'll then be able to remove whatever you want as well, you can take the system back to having NO desktop manager installed and NO roxio either, then install whatever desktop manager you wish....If it's being stubborn just download THIS, it's a free trial that will help you remove any programs that don't show in add/remove programs
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    12-07-07 09:31 AM