1. bnr4566's Avatar
    i posted a few threads before about a theme issue and none of the answers anyone supplied worked, so i gave up. i was looking through my phone today and decided to go ahead and free up some memory and delete the themes that i cant use, since they wont show up as an option to use them anyway. when i did this, the phone didnt prompt me for a reboot or anything, so i rebooted it myself. when i turned it back on and went back to my options to see if they were gone, they weren't. i clicked on one of the themes, and everything closed out and an error message came up saying "uncaught exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"

    what is going on with my phone?!?!?!
    08-05-08 11:52 AM
  2. thepreciousone's Avatar
    maybe the specific theme doesn't work on your 8100. I have downloaded several themes that wouldn't pop up because it only worked for 8120. Secondly, maybe you have a virus.
    08-06-08 03:21 AM
  3. bnr4566's Avatar
    The themes that don't show up are ones I have used previously..only after I deleted a few was when they all disappeared..but if I have a virus how can I tell and how would I get rid of it?
    08-06-08 09:49 AM