1. pinkybella's Avatar
    I cannot login into the crackberry forums using the bb browser. Everytime I click on login, it takes me to a new page but there is never text boxes where I can put in my username and password. I've tried to go about it several ways - by clicking the post response button in a thread and then clicking the login button etc but I never get the username and password text boxes. However, I can log in the crackberry forums using Opera Mini - when I click on login, it brings up the login boxes immediately.

    Anyone else have this problem and know of a way to fix it? Thanks!!
    02-18-08 02:21 PM
  2. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    Are you using the WAP site? CrackBerry.com WAP Homepage
    02-18-08 02:27 PM
  3. pinkybella's Avatar
    I wasn't but I am now and it worked. Thanks so much!!
    02-18-08 02:33 PM
  4. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    02-18-08 02:38 PM