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    Hi all...

    My calendar KEEPS doubling upon synchronization. I've tried removing the battery, and have gone into desktop manager & cleared out the extra calendar files several times...right now, I'm showing FOUR separate calendar files in there...two of them have the same # of entries. Each of them is called "calendar," except one, which is called "Calendar - All."

    I only have one e-mail, my work one, going to the BB through BIS. I'm syncing to Outlook 2003.

    Am I supposed to have that many calendar files? Is there a way to delete the extra ones if not?
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    05-21-08 12:58 PM
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    bump, help, anyone?
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    bump - can anyone help with the multiple calendar question? i've done searches & i'm not having much luck.
    06-03-08 11:14 AM
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    I was getting duplicate calendar entries and I solved it by deleting all entries in my outlook and doing a one way transfer from the BB. Then I went back to synch & haven't had the problem since.

    In desktop manager - do you have an icon for email? I read a post somewhere that said if you do have that icon you have gone through the setup as a BES instead of BIS. I had that icon. So I changed my DM settings, removed the BES service books before I did the step above.
    06-03-08 11:29 AM
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    there's no e-mail setting on my desktop manager; just these:

    media manager
    backup & restore
    application loader
    switch device wizard
    synchronize certificates

    to be honest, i would be terrified to delete all the calendar entries from outlook, but if that will fix it, i would almost be willing to try anything.

    do you think the curve & the pearl work differently on this?

    has anyone else had luck by doing that?
    06-03-08 11:33 AM