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    I have looked at multiple threads and still cannot solve my problem. Here is my story:

    I started having battery problems with my 8230 Verizon flip, so I went into the store. They tested it and said the problem appeared to be both related to the battery and the port. A replacement was sent to me.

    I took out the battery from the old one and put it back in. The old one (which has years of important stuff on it in my contacts) would no longer boot. The screen was black and the red light stayed steady for about 15 seconds and went off.

    I downloaded version 6 of the desktop manager to back things up. When it came up and I plugged in the phone it was recognized by the software. Next, I was prompted to install an update, which I accepted. The desktop manager said it was downloading and then erasing files! I went to bed and when I woke up the progress bar had gotten about 1/4 of the way. There was a message on the screen saying "Wait for Initialization". Additionally, there was popup saying it could not communicate with the device. I hit the retry button several times and no luck.

    I left the computer up and unplugged the phone and took it to Verizon for contract transfer. They could not get it to do anything. The only thing that happened is that after removal and replacement of the battery the red light came on for about 15 seconds.

    I talked to Blackberry tesch support and they opened a case. They had me download the correct O.S. (version 4.6.1)and walked me through how to launch the app manager without desktop manager. It came up with PIN-UNKNOWN by removing the battery, replacing and connecting with the red light on. It prompted me to update the O.S. The options to keep existing apps was greyed out. When I hit next I got a message saying it could not communicate with the device. The tech told me there was nothing more I could do and I was out of luck.

    Using Windows I uninstalled desktop manager 6 and downloaded and installed desktop manager 4.6. I tried to repeat the process the tech told me to do with v6. However, with that I can not get past the screen saying PIN-UNKNOWN. I don't want to give up.

    What exactly did desktop manager do when I accepted the update? Did it copy my contacts and data somewhere on my computer before it said "erasing files"? Is that still available? Did I make things worse by uninstalling desktop manager 6 and installing desktop manager 4.6? Is there anything anyone can suggest? Can forensics be done on a BB that stays black and only gets a steady red light for 15 seconds when the battery is removed and replaced?

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thanks!
    04-28-11 08:35 AM
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    Check out this post. Watch the video and it will hopefully get you running.

    04-28-11 09:11 AM
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    I've just got a friends 8220 back to life from a blank screen and occasional flashing red light by following a post elsewhere on here. It is at "forums.crackberry.com/f2/unable-reconnect-device-during-multi-stage-load-operation-73368/index4.html#post1894099"

    I've had to remove the h t t p from the link and enclose it in quotes because I can't post links yet as this is my first post. I'm trying to be helpful and the forum software won't let me, how helpful is that eh?

    Anyway I digress. The crucial thing for me was when the battery is replaced. As soon as the "erasing files" message comes up. Prior to that every attempt failed at the "Waiting for initialization" stage.

    Hopefully it will work for you too.
    05-22-11 05:15 PM