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    Sorry. I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times, but I havent seen a response that has helped me progress yet. My MP3's won't drag over in the Media Manager. I even tried cutting and pasting and creating a file to put the MP3 in and drag the whole folder over. Nothing. I know the files aren't too big. I've tried 2, The biggest being 537 KB. I don't have a media card yet, if that makes a difference. Please help me. 3 bucks is too much for a crappy ringtone you can't even sample before you purchase. Thanks.

    P.S. I even took a tone from this site and I can't drag, arrow or copy and paste that over either.

    Update. The original version of Desktop Manager I tried to use was the one off of the supplied disk that came with the phone. I erased the program and downloaded the version off of the T-Mobile web site. That version is worse. At least the original version acted like it was going to work. This new version gives me the "no" sign (circle with the line through it) when I try to drag. The to/ from arrows aren't even pushable. What is going on here??? Help Please!!!
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    07-22-07 07:20 PM
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    Select your files in the Media Manager window, then use the Copy Up or Copy Down buttons to move them.
    07-23-07 05:45 AM
  3. rwbarnes67's Avatar
    You CANNOT have your Pearl in Mass Storage Mode. I've been able to transfer ringtones to the phone and memory card this way.
    07-23-07 12:19 PM
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    Thanks to those who replied with help. For the first one, I believe the "Copy up" and "Copy down" buttons are the arrow buttons I were referring to not working. For the second, I disabled the "Mass Storage mode support", and still no go. I'm really leaning towards the problem being that I don't yet have a memory card. I'm gonna try and get one at the end of the week and see if that changes things. Thanks again for trying guys. I really appreciate it!
    07-24-07 06:28 PM
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    I'm sorry, apparently I read your original post too quickly. You are correct, I also could not copy any files over to my Curve until I installed a memory card. Once I put the card in, Media Manager came to life.
    07-25-07 08:54 AM
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    Hi Rizzle,
    Did you get a memory card and was that the problem?
    Hope it worked out for you: having that gorgeous and small BB with music is the way to go!
    Good luck.
    07-25-07 11:36 AM