1. stwade's Avatar
    My trackball on my Pearl 8110 will not roll down. Every other direction works fine. This is the second phone that I've had with this exact problem. The last phone was still under warranty and was replaced. I have tried compressed air and have even taken the trackball out and cleaned under it. Nothing works. This is very frustrating; it has happened twice. Does anyone know why or how to fix this.
    08-24-09 12:08 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    It's lint and what-not on the tracks. Be careful taking it apart, you don't want to bend the ring that holds it together, and loosing a part is definitely out of the question.

    08-24-09 04:34 AM
  3. Coruptyed's Avatar
    Or if you don't wish to remove it we were told at our store this helps.. Turn device off push down on the trackball and roll it left, then right , then up, then down for 10 seconds each way while pushing down on the trackball

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    08-24-09 09:23 AM
  4. Ronna's Avatar
    Holding the trackball down and scrolling for 10 seconds each way, WORKS!
    08-24-09 11:40 AM
  5. dontlaughitsnotfunny's Avatar
    I took mine out and dropped it in a cap full or Isopropyl Alcohol. Pushing the track ball in (clicking) so the alcohol gets in everywhere. After a good soak and stir, I let it dry completely for an hour or so in front of a fan and reinstalled it. HUGE improvement. This got all the schmutz.
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    08-24-09 11:59 AM