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    About a week ago, the trackball on my Pearl 8130 started to get oversensitive, clicking multiple times when I only pressed it once or even when I was not even touching my Blackberry at all. This continued for a day or so until the trackball quit responding to any pressing at all. It still scrolls, it just won't click anything. I have done a battery pull, removed and cleaned the trackball, and even replaced it with the trackball from another Blackberry. The phone is still operable because I can just press enter when I need to select anything, but it is just so much more inconvenient. Any suggestions?

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    05-22-10 03:24 PM
  2. buzzed's Avatar
    I had the same issue....remove the trackball again and look at the small orange circle in the middle. That has become broken, and that's the part that gives the physical 'click'. Search E-bay for "blackberry click domes" or "blackberry domes" you'll find the part you need - for like 4 bucks you get 10 of em.
    05-22-10 06:12 PM