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    I've had my pearl for about 3 weeks now and a few days ago something odd started to happen. My call log is deleted every few minutes along with all my text messages. My email messages i get from my personal email account are still there. I do not have a lot of data stored on the phone. 5 emails and 6 pictures i've taken over the last few weeks and i have not changed any settings. Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Oh yea, I forgot to add that auto text no longer works either. That started a few days ago as well. I have to hit the key the appropriate number of times to get the right letter. I looked in the settings and nothing looks out of place but i'm new to the blackberry world so i probably wouldnt notice anyway.
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    11-16-07 01:28 PM
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    Do a battery pull. Seems to be a memory issue. Once you're back up and running, go to options / status, and check the memory level...
    11-16-07 02:51 PM
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    Thanks, I think that may have worked. I'll have to wait to get some texts and calls to be sure though. I do remeber looking at that status screen earlier in the day and the "File Free" was listed as 0 Bytes and now its a really long number. Is this typically a reoccuring problem with a phone? If so should i take it back and have it replaced while i'm still in my 30 day window?
    Thanks for the help.
    11-16-07 03:39 PM