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    Hey everyone! Thank you for the upgrade guide, I successfully updated to the latest OS!!! Question...does the pearl have a web browser on the latest os?
    Next question, the upgrade instructions told me to install blingball, which I did. At the time I had no idea what blingball was, now I realize it is to change the trackball color.
    The trackball is now red, instead of white. Is there a way to change this? I went into blingball, and you can only change it from red to blue or green, but blue or green dont work. how can i make it white again? is it possible to uninstall blingball?

    also is there blackberry app world on this phone? what about installing stuff like google maps?
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    You should have a browser. It's going to be a globe-looking icon. It will look like that no matter what theme you have it set to. Actually, there may be two of them that look similar, but one will be the "media net" (which may only be with the AT&T version of the OS, but I'm not sure - I don't know which OS you got).

    Blingball is not necessary and can be deleted - but it is cool to have. No idea why the other colors don't work unless the individual green and blue LEDs just don't work under the trackball. Try "white" which turns all three LEDs on. It actually makes it look like an opal with the 3 colors showing up depending on which way you look at it. Without Blingball, the only light that comes on is the "4th" LED, the real white one at the lower right corner that comes on only with the keyboard backlight.

    App world has to be downloaded separately. Going to the Blackberry site through your bowser should get you there. The same with Google Maps. For Maps, while in your browser, go to m.google.com, and you can pick what to download - maps will be one of the options.

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    Happy for you TMobileBBPearl 8100
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