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    I'm having trouble playing various streaming audio formats on this device. Podcasts won't work through Viigo (the Blackberry podcast program works, but it downloads them onto my media card for later playback), WinAmp remote (ORB) streams won't work in any format, etc.

    I'm running v5.0.0.972 (Bundle 1598 Platform on a 9100.

    This unit came from Wind mobile in Canada, but I'm using it on T-Mobile in the U.S.

    Could it be that Wind dummed it down and the right codecs aren't installed? If so, anyplace to get the proper codecs?

    Or could there be some leftover restrictions on the device via Wind? I did a wipe before installing 972, but there are still some Wind things leftover (like the splash screen and some things about "web2go" in the browser settings, which I can't get rid of).

    When I try streaming, it will launch the media player, it will say "Loading" in green in the upper right corer, and then "Error Playing" in red in the upper right corner. sometimes I get "An error has occurred attempting to play media"

    Doing a stream test at test.orb.com (3gp player (amr & aac) stream) gives an error "Content not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive" When trying Windows Media format, I get the options to Open, Save, or Cancel, and when opening the error "The media being played is of an unsupported format"

    On the other hand, the Nobex radio companion works to stream radio stations, so there is some streaming support working on the device.

    Any ideas?

    01-09-11 01:02 PM
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    By the way, the music from WinAmp Remote streams just fine on my old 8120 (which a family member is using now).
    01-10-11 12:40 AM
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    For what it is worth, I get the same results when on a 3G connection to T-mobile, using a CBW 9100 running bundle 1468.


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    01-15-11 10:47 PM