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    I know there's a couple threads about trackpads but they don't really relate to my issue except for this thread http://forums.crackberry.com/f216/st...ackpad-589754/ but there hasn't been any replies since Feb? As I'm seeing.

    I'm just wondering if anyone figured out a way to fix it? I've had my phone since September 2010 & this event just started maybe the beg. of May? The issue I'm having is that the trackpad is sooo sensitive and moves where it wants without me touching it half the time.. sometimes when I'm trying to talk in a bbm chat it moves up & it's so hard to get back down in the reply box. This happens every once in a while other than that it moves where I want it just on off days it moves all over the place even tho my settings are way below they were 70/70 now its 50/50 haven't noticed a difference even if I go higher or lower. Anyways, my question is, can I replace the trackpad to fix the problem or do I have to replace the whole phone?

    Ps. Forgot to mention I'm not sure if this is sun damage but there's like a little spot of white at the top left corner of the trackpad? I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but just putting it out there.
    05-31-11 04:53 PM