1. BrettPip's Avatar
    New to BB (Peal 8110), very happy, and just set up the email function today
    However I travel quite a bit to Europe and the Middle East - Vodafone will charge 4.99 per MB while not in the UK for all email downloads. As I get a lot of emails with large attachments this is going to cost a fortune!
    Therefore my question is: How can switch emails on and off while away - and vitally NOT have them all download on the BB even after I've viewed them on my laptop?
    So far I've managed to work this out:
    If I go to
    Manage Connections
    Mobile Network Options
    Data services off/on
    Turn off Data services then GPRS turns to gprs and no emails are received (but I still receive SMS)
    I then send an email from another account to my normal email address.
    The email is received as usual on my laptop (normal desktop application) and read. But when I turn the GPRS back on, the email I've read still comes through to my BB.
    To test I've even ensured the email is deleted from the online server by going to the online email account facility, and then turning GPRS back on. But it still comes through to the BB.

    Can anyone please advise how to stop emails coming through once they have been read via a normal desktop application?
    Or if that can't be done advise on setting a limit on the size of emails that are received on the BB?

    Many thanks for any help.
    12-17-08 12:30 PM
  2. AdamR240's Avatar
    It would probably be easier to set up you email to not send them to your phone.
    12-17-08 10:48 PM