1. Shawner101's Avatar
    I am getting the phone replaced but its happened to both my flips and i dont know why?!?
    when i try to play music it says error playing file in a red box, same when i try and play a ringtone or video!
    when i first got the phone it worked fine then a month after it stopped working.
    my favourite ringtones that used to play now dont do anything! i dont understand because this is my second phone and my first one had the same issue. i dont think its the actual speakers because when i click butons sometimes it beeps and its not the files because they used to work and even when i use headphones it gives me the same issues.
    im just curious to see whats up. even if i could fix it im probably not because then they wont send me a curve but i just want to see if its my fault.
    02-11-10 07:05 PM
  2. mofoahh's Avatar
    might be your OS have you tried doing a OS restore or Upgrade??
    02-15-10 03:17 PM