1. ginya-san's Avatar
    Ok so my buddy has a pearl just like I do and on the way back from a trip his indicator light suddenly goes a solid red but and will flash green. I've seen pearls flash red and green but it this was a solid red then a green flash.

    He didn't have any new messages, battery was full and the phone was still functional. The green was just the network signal but has anyone else seen this or know why it would do this? A battery pull fixed it but I'm hoping someone has more info.

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    05-18-09 10:59 AM
  2. kat6708's Avatar
    I don't have an answer, but I'm curios to know what caused this. My LED wass loopy yesterday too. I had it connected to my bluetooth, so it flashes blue. When I sent a message, it starting flashing blue and red alternating. I had no messages. ???
    05-19-09 02:32 AM