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    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a software issue with the latest Desktop Manager and the 8130. I spent 4 hours on the phone over 2 days with VZW and RIM and finally got it figured out. I could not sync my contacts at all. The work around that I was given to allow me to do it is as follows.

    Open up Options-- Advanced Options -- Service Book and then delete any e-mail address followed by "CICAL"

    Once these were deleted, I was able to sync my calendar.

    Apparently RIM now knows about this issue and will hopefully work on a permanent fix.
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    11-15-07 03:38 PM
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    Likely one of many issues with the newest version of Desktop Manager 4.3.

    You can also just install Desktop Manager 4.2.SP2 which is a solid version of the DM and it will work with your 8130.
    11-15-07 03:43 PM
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    Actually, it still would not sync until I deleted those e-mail items. That is actually the version I am currently using.
    11-15-07 03:45 PM
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    I have an 8130 and am syncing my calendar to my corporate outlook, and I have also experienced duplicate (even triplicate) items. I'm using the wireless sync.

    I have read what I think to be all of the threads about this and am still perplexed. I'd like to try to solve it with the CICAL advice provided here, but I am unsuccessfully trying to follow the instructions to delete CICAL email addresses in advanced options. I see the CICAL designation written after the email addresses I have on my bb, but I do not have the option to edit or delete these.

    Any help?
    11-26-07 09:14 AM
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    as w last poster - i am going nuts trying to figure this one out

    when doing wireless sync, all works fine (notes, contacts, etc) however my calendar entries are deleted from sept of 07 backward in time - and all is otherwise fine - have ensured that the syncing parameters go back to 2000, to be safe - but problem persists - frustrated.....
    12-06-07 08:52 PM
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    Problem: Whenever I sync using the usb cable, for whatever reason my home screen changes back to the default Verizon pic. I have to go back and reset the picture I want as my home screen. Is it me or is there a bug? Anyone else having this issue?

    As far as I know, I have all the latest updates for the phone and pc.

    Hope this is the appropriate threat, if not sorry for hi-jacking.

    *****UPDATE***** This only happens if I say yes to mass storage mode when connecting via USB. If I say no then the picture doesn't change.

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    12-07-07 08:38 AM
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    I'm having so many problems with this calendar... duplicates entries on everything. Now it wont even let me create a new appointment on the device itself. It will only work off the desktop outlook. Something weird happened where if you create a new appointment on the device, right above the subject line is a heading, "send using" I have no idea what that is or where it came from... this blows
    12-07-07 07:18 PM
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    Member No.1, Save your wallpaper to the device memory, not your SD card. I received this tip and it worked.
    12-11-07 10:13 AM
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    Thanks, will give that a try. But for whatever reason, it hasn't been doing that lately.
    12-11-07 12:32 PM
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    I too spent several hours on the phone with RIM, they even had me switch my outlook from a Internet Only to a Corporate Workgroup, what a pain that was! But then while I was on hold AGAIN with RIM I googled my problem and came accross this thread, removing that email from the service booked totally allowed my calendar to sync, thank you!
    01-28-08 03:34 PM
  11. Str8BacardiL's Avatar
    this thread saved my ***

    so far today this is what I have done.

    - Upgraded to Outlook 2007
    - Uninstalled about a dozen programs trying to figure out if there was a conflict
    - Reinstalled Blackberry Desktop Manager (luckily this time the media manager installed when it failed all the others so that was good)
    - Tried a gazillion different settings in Blackberry Desktop Manager to no avail.

    Then I googled and found this and it was immediately fixed.

    It nuked all of my e-mails off the blackberry so I guess I have to send service books again but having the calender fixed was well worth it. I cannot keep track of my schedule without that at all.
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    06-09-08 04:56 PM
  12. laosknight's Avatar
    I would kiss you if I could!!! My outlook is now syncing!!! I just spent 4 hours on the internet, with Verizon, and RIM, and couldnt fix the issue until I deleted the "CICAL".
    06-12-08 12:21 PM
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    I have done all of the above and still my sync gets hung up on #8 of the calendar
    This happenned once before and it was a stuck reminder
    now I have taken out all reminders
    am ready to get my third curve in 2 months or switch to something else
    I am using 4.3
    08-23-08 09:14 PM
  14. sscoggin's Avatar
    I need to know where to find the email files you are talking about. I am using outlook and I am unable to sync calendar with blackberry. Get an error message. Blackberry told me that it was a corrupted pst file, but email seems to be working fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    01-21-09 03:41 PM
  15. Georgia Terrapin's Avatar
    What'ya know. Two years later, and the same old problem still plagues BB users. I've been trying to figure this out for months.

    I have a Curve 8900 (AT&T). I just deleted the CICAL email service books as recommended above, and -- viola! -- problem solved.

    Thank you so much.
    02-27-10 05:27 PM
  16. OGeez's Avatar
    I'm having contact synching problems with my 8110. Calendar syncs fine. Contacts sync fine in device but fail from Outlook. I can see the record number where it fails each time.

    I had this problem once before and CICAL solution was irrelevant to me [see below].

    I looked in Advanced Options->Service Book and there aren't any items with CICAL attached. So, can't figure out how to make that solution work for me.

    I found a solution elsewhere that indicated reviewing OUTLOOK calendar items in both day/week/month and category views to find the corrupted file. The offending file made itself clear and I deleted it. Sync worked fine for a couple of weeks.

    Now, it's failing again - synching contacts - and the manual visual review of Outlook calendar doesn't solve the problem.

    Any idea what else I might try? I'm not technically savvy but not afraid to try something either... if I have clear instructions.

    Thank you for your help!! I'm lost with my BB acting up.
    05-15-10 07:45 PM
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    This worked for me also synching an 8830 WE wth Outlook 2007. I also deleted all e-mail addresses with CICAL in in the Servicebook (under Advanced Options).

    Thanks for your posting.
    05-29-10 09:34 AM
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    My problem was that none of my BB meetings etc. were getting transferred to Outlook. Also, by BB kept trying to fix calender items using Facebook. So I deleted FB from my BB and made sure the BB Calender's 1st choice was the same email address as Outlook used. After that it all worked fine.
    09-02-10 06:12 AM