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    I have spent the past five and a half solid hours in front of this PC trying to get this BB to synch my contacts from outlook today and am getting incredibly frustrated.

    So after much searching I discovered that the software the came with the pearl does not work with outlook 2000. After several tries, I finally got Desktop Manager 4.2.2 installed.

    Now when I go to synch and click on "configure synch" it says "setting up intellisynch user" and then I get an error message saying "internal error (see log)" but the log button is ghosted so I can't get into it to see what the error is.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    03-23-08 03:36 PM
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    I had this error message before. I went under Synchronize>Configuration tab>Reset configuration.

    After I did that it worked for me. Hopefully it works for you too.
    03-23-08 04:25 PM
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    Thanks. I wish it was that easy of a fix. I tried that twice before I posted above and that did not fix it.

    Any other suggestions, anyone? Thanks.
    03-23-08 05:30 PM
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    Does anyone have any suggestions???

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled this software 5 times today and have literally spent the past 12 hours trying to get this to work.

    I am beyond frustrated.
    03-23-08 10:21 PM
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    Do you currently have appointments set up in the calendar on your phone?

    Also you can get to the log in a different manner. Open up notepad (Start > Run > notepad) and then open this location:

    C:\Documents and Settings\John B\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync\YOUR-PIN-NUMBER

    Where YOUR-PIN-NUMBER is will be your pin number. Then change the files of type to all files. Open the file called rim.log.
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