1. Whispertoascream's Avatar
    Hello fellow Crackberry users,

    I just got my first Blackberry two days ago and having a blast trying to figure everything out. I have the the the 8230 series.

    I want to set a ringtone for each one of my contacts. Is this possible? And is it also possible to set a different one for each for both text messaging and incoming calls?

    Actually while I am at it, one other problem I just remembered. Some how I managed to move a couple of icons from my main menu page into my downloads section. I cannot for the likes of me figure out how to move them back. I tried movie them but can only seem to move them around on that particular page.

    Thanks for your time and patience with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I decide to throw this thing under a moving train.
    01-05-10 10:28 PM
  2. Blade_27's Avatar
    Congrants on your new BB! The abilities of this device go pretty much as far as your imagination will take you.

    1st of all, yes you can set a ringtone for each of your contacts. You can do this by going into your contacts, select the one you would like to change and press you bb menu button {Blackberry logo}, scroll to "Add Custom Ring Tone" select the one you want and save.

    To select your different tones for calls/sms/mms...from your home screen go to your menu button>profiles>advanced>select (Active) then pick whichever tone you'd like to change.

    For your icons select the icon you want to move menu button and just pick move or move to whichever folder you want.
    01-06-10 12:04 AM
  3. Whispertoascream's Avatar
    Thank you so much That was a tremendous help. So far it seems like a great phone. So happy with my purchase.

    Now let me just see how far my imagination will take me......
    01-06-10 01:31 AM
  4. Blade_27's Avatar
    To get you started, if your were looking at getting apps for your device you should start at

    from your device
    Download BlackBerry App World

    That's the one stop app store where you'll be able to get all your bb apps from.

    Once that's downloaded & installed some of the apps I have is "Poynt" quick & easy info for local movie show times, restaurants, directions/map to, business & personal phone book. "Weathereye" short/long term weather forecast with current temp display. "Blackberry Messenger" instant messenger between just you and other bb users and "Ka-Glom" a Tetris like addictive game. A site you many wanna bookmark is Mobile Sites - Cantoni.mobi which is a directory for mobile friendly websites.

    If you know other bb users you should text them your PIN. You can find you PIN by typing "mypin" within any of your message fields {text/e-mail}.

    These BB's are mini computers and like computers your phone will have glitches. Their will be times where it will just start doing weird/random/unexplained things. When you should start having problems, before you start to panic.

    1) Delete any & all text/e-mail messages
    2) Literally pull the battery out of the device and give it 10 mins, give it another 10 mins when you put it back in.
    3) Clear the cache. Browser>Menu>Options>Cache Operations>Clear History
    4) From your menu screen hold "alt" & type L G L G>Menu>Clear Log

    Nine times out of ten these have solved any problems I've had with my 8220.
    01-06-10 11:03 PM