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    I have a few questions or maybe better described as concerns..I am new to the world of BB, switched from a palm. I have always heard BB users raving about how much they loved there phone and so I thought I would give it a shot, especially with the new slick designs blackberry had to offer. I got an 8130 and I have been less than satisfied because of these issues:

    1. My calendar didnt sink correctly at first and it actually deleted my future meetings in my Outlook calendar which is totally unacceptable from a device that has such a great reputation as business tool. (I did manage to fix this after extensive digging around in the forums)

    2. I get approximately 50 emails a day both on my computer and my 8130 with the following message. This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message it will be processed by the server. Still havent found a fix to this!

    3. Is there any way to sync outlook email with your device? Do you really have to delete every email on your device even if you have already read or moved the email to a folder to be saved in outlook? I am using BIS.

    My wife also just got a new 8300 and she is experiencing many of the same problems. Someone please help before I take this thing back to Verizon. I apologize if this comes across as being a negative post but Im extremely frustrated. I thought that I had problems with my palm but so far the BB is making it look like a great device. Please help!
    12-11-07 08:07 PM