1. nptfdo's Avatar
    Hi All,

    One day all of a sudden my blackberry went in a busy mode (blank screen with hourglass) and after 5 minutes showed a message - "Security Software updated successfully".
    Now the point is that I did not press any particular key or tried to install anything for any update to take place. I do not have a data plan as well so I don't think that my blackberry was connected to internet either.
    The problem is that since then my phone has become very slow and keeps showing that hourglass for busy mode every time I try to open an application.
    I Wiped it out which I was told will restore the factory settings. But even now the same problem exists.
    Can anybody help me please? Has somebody installed any virus or harmful application in my security software?
    How do I check which application is that and how do I delete it?

    Please advise.

    Thanks !!
    10-23-10 07:37 PM