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    I am trying to run the Desktop Manager but I am stuck already. I dowloaded the Manager from RIM and that's about as far as I've gotten. LOL I saw where I need to enable mass storage on my phone. How do I do that? I couldn't find much on it. Once I do that will a window pop up in my computer or do I need to go through my computer and open it as a new drive? Do I need to convert files that I want to download to my phone? ie..mp3's and such? I guess what I really need is a step-by-step for idiots guide to running Desktop Manager. If this matters...I am running XP Pro on my home computer and my Peal 8100 is running OS v 4.2.067 Thanks in advance...
    04-27-08 08:08 AM
  2. Green Horn's Avatar
    Found this in another thread when I searched. Problem is...I don't find anything in "options" about a media card. uh oh...

    Have you tried Options > Media Card > Media Card Support (set to On)?
    Have you tried Options > Media Card > Mass Storage Support Mode (set to On)?
    04-27-08 08:22 AM
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    Still can't activate mass media storage on the phone. Pretty frustrated... Do I have to have my own SDflash card in there or something? Is that why I can't get it working? I am sure it's something easy but I can't figure it out yet...
    04-27-08 09:38 AM
  4. jpete's Avatar
    That's exactly right!! The phone itself has pretty limited storage. You need a card. Slide that bad boy in and drop a bunch of tunes on it, or movies, or videos, or pics...
    You can drag and drop with your media manager.
    04-27-08 09:44 AM
  5. Green Horn's Avatar
    Ok, well now atleast I know WHY I am ********. LOL Thanks! I'll go get a card and see if that helps. I downloaded the Desktop Manager and got it all setup. It wouldn't do anything with the phone and now I know why.
    04-27-08 09:48 AM
  6. Green Horn's Avatar
    Update! Got a 2gb card and setup the desktop manager. Had to play around to get the mass media turned on (instructions apparently vary a bit). Once it was on though it was all good. I have v4.3 of the Desktop Manager and I love it. It's so easy even I could to do it. I dropped in one ringtone just to see if everything worked okay and it did. Now I'll be file transferin' fool.
    04-28-08 06:45 AM
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    FYI you dont need desktop manager for anything other than backing up and loading applications on your phone now. You can just use windows explorer if you are copying mp3's and such.
    04-28-08 03:55 PM
  8. Green Horn's Avatar
    Ah, just like copying drive to drive? I may start doing that. My computer isn't the fastest and sometimes it takes the Manager/ Roxio forever to load. Thanks for all the help pete and javi.
    04-29-08 09:54 AM