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    I am going to be selling my 8220 Pearl Flip. I do have BDM 5.0 and the original .180 from T-Mo downloaded. I just had a quick question about wiping.

    When I sell it, I do not want any personal information on the device. When I shipped my defective Dash back, I loaded the original ROM and that got rid of all the personal info, and reset the phone just like it came from T-Mo. It looks like BlackBerries are a little different, however.

    Now I have read up, and know to use JL cmder and then install OS on Pc, and on phone. So after doing this will it remove the unlock? Also, I want the buyer to receive the phone just like I got it from T-Mo, where I had to use the setup manager on the phone. In other words, after I charged the phone and started it, the phone went through a series of setup screens that I had to go through. Will it be the same way for the buyer when I ship it out?

    Sorry if it seems like a noob question. If anyone could direct me to the proper thread on this, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Thanks again. Long live CrackBerry.
    08-06-09 07:12 AM