1. coolskierguy's Avatar
    I have a quick question about email reconciliation with gmail that I couldn't quickly find an answer to on google or the forums = when i go to email reconciliation settings there are the following options:

    Delete On: ('handheld', 'mailbox & handheld', or 'prompt')
    Wireless Reconcile: ('on' or 'off')
    On Conflicts: ('handheld wins' or 'mailbox wins')

    If I let my bb control my email and 'delete' a Gmail message, what happens to it in my Gmail mailbox? Does it actually get 'deleted' or does it get 'archived'.

    Is there a way to set up email reconciliation so when I 'delete' on my handset it gets 'archived' in my gmail account?

    Also, 1 quick question for the cb-genius-brigade: i misplaced the link to that great free-up-memory guide (the long one) can someone point me in its direction again? Thanks guys
    03-17-08 01:48 PM
  2. cjcarbone's Avatar

    I dont beleive that you can have it auto-archive, instead of delete.
    03-17-08 01:49 PM
  3. coolskierguy's Avatar
    awesome that is definitely the link i was thinking of, thanks!

    has anyone found a workaround or anything to 'archive' their gmail from their bb? (without doing it through a browser)
    03-17-08 01:55 PM