1. casio's Avatar
    for the first few days i had the phone i had no problem connecting to the internet via opera or the BB browser. Ever since this morning i have not been able to connect to anything.

    When i open the BB browser I get the error:

    "There is insufficient network coverage to process your request. Please try again later."

    When I try to open the opera browser i get the error:

    "Failed to connect to the internet.
    java.io.IOException: Open tunnel - max timeout"

    I have verizon wireless with an unlimited data plan and i have a great signal.
    01-21-08 07:00 PM
  2. ryanokrant's Avatar
    Try dialing *22899, let it run its programming (about 60 seconds) When it says complete (or successful) take your battery out and then re-boot your phone. This may or may not solve your problem. If it doesn't, call 800-922-0204 from NOT your BB, enter in your phone number and then choose option 3. It will ask you a few questions and then send you to a VZW tech who should be able to get it up and giong.
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    01-21-08 07:12 PM
  3. casio's Avatar
    Thanks Ryan, that seems to have fixed it. What exactly was the problem? What did that number do? Thanks again.
    01-21-08 10:56 PM