1. fenderbender's Avatar
    I noticed two issues with my new 8120 which is my first BB so I am not sure if this refers to other models as well:

    1. If I power off the device it turns back on immediately after I touch the red power/hang-up button. So if I power it off and stick it into a bag or my pocket it will most likely be back on soon. Is there a way to prevent that other than taking out the battery?

    2. If I lock the keypad by holding down the * button and receive a call the lock will be removed after I hang up. Is there a way to change that?

    04-24-08 09:53 AM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    1. Sounds like you are just putting it into standby mode .. if you want a full power off you need to use the icon on the home screen

    2. There is an autolock app you can download here: geek and proud - BlackBerry Software to do what you want, otherwise you do indeed have to lock it manually each time.
    04-24-08 10:04 AM
  3. fenderbender's Avatar
    Even if I do the full power off it comes right back on after touching the red phone button. It's not in standby since it then searches for a network etc. but I would not call that full power off either. I would expect that I at least had to hold down the red button for a moment. Instead it comes right back.
    04-24-08 11:16 AM