1. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    I'm stumped. All I want to do is type stuff on the desktop, and sync it over to the BB. Palm did this.
    Everything wants Lookout, etc. I don't have MS Office or any of its parts.
    I've been a Wordperfect user since DOS! I can open CSV files in QuattroPro.
    I do not have a data package for the Pearl. I don't want to be pestered by those who want attention RIGHT NOW!!! I want my organizer for lists, appointments, memos, etc.
    I'm trying Agendus - but does it have a desktop component? Nothing on the website says anything about it. It looks good on the BB and a lot easier to manage. I don't want to bother with Google or Yahoo. I can probably install Palm desktop, type stuff in, and then sync if that's possible.
    I could sideways upgrade Docs to Go, but that's a last resort.
    Anyone have any input?
    05-26-10 06:54 PM
  2. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    Got it working via Yahoo. The funny thing is - I accidentally installed Yahoo Sync, and that found and used Outlook 97.
    The installer for the desktop is the worst I have ever seen. I can install Adobe CS3 faster than that!
    05-28-10 06:37 AM