1. bowboy32's Avatar
    last night my wife tried to send me a pic mail from her non-blackberry phone to my new blackberry pearl. They pictures of my kids swimming didn't come through. I have verizon as my carrier is there something i need to do on my phone to receive pic mails.
    08-14-08 03:45 PM
  2. bushd's Avatar
    Usually this means you don't have picmail - even on sprint I don't get mine without it. Have her picmail it to an email your bb gets assuming she has picmail and you just have a bb plan.

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    08-14-08 05:42 PM
  3. supercasper's Avatar
    That would be the first thing to look at as to whether or not you have picture messaging. Usually if you have a camera phone and have text messaging you will get picture messaging as well. the other thing to look at too, and trust me it happens is if she entered your number in correctly when she sent it? I have done this myself many times. Since you have Verizon you can also have her send you a picture message as long as you have picture messaging on your vzw acct by entering in her address field your#@vzwpix.com this is your phones picture messaging email address.

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    08-15-08 08:37 AM