1. pinkgirl's Avatar
    How do you set your phone to lock where it can be password protected?

    Right now when I lock my phone, and then unlock it it just says to press * and the send button? I want to be able to lock my phone, and then when I unlock it, I can put my password in?

    04-23-08 03:21 PM
  2. Click's Avatar
    To to Options > Security Options> General Settings.
    04-23-08 03:28 PM
  3. cuban_dudeca's Avatar
    welcome to crackberry.
    04-23-08 03:32 PM
  4. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    Welcome, now there is no return!

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    04-23-08 03:35 PM
  5. pinkgirl's Avatar
    Thanks you guys.

    I am so excited to have my new pink blackberry pearl!!! I am ready to get addicted!
    04-23-08 03:51 PM
  6. MeLing's Avatar
    How do I put a password on the contents of my phone? Like pictures, address book etc.?
    04-24-08 03:13 PM