1. gadgetman#CB's Avatar
    I'm torn between getting the Pearl or waiting a few more weeks for the new Curve. I'm on a long-term Verizon contract so I cannot switch carriers and I did have an 8830, which I loved, except for the lack of a camera.

    The two phones seems technically identical save for the keyboard, screen size and form factor.

    Are there any other differences? How do the cameras perform on each? How is the media player? Can it replace an iPod?

    Sorry for the cross-post but I'm putting it on the Curve forum also.

    04-22-08 11:17 AM
  2. greystealth's Avatar
    Pearl and Curve are the same. Camera is awesome, media player is ok and they both are able to record voice and video. The main difference would have to be the size of the phone and if you are willing to learn how to use suretype with the pearl. Other than those things, they are pretty much the same phones.
    04-22-08 11:21 AM
  3. uncheels23's Avatar
    ya it's all in your preference for the keyboard i don't mind the sure type on the pearl that's why i picked it over the curve
    04-22-08 11:22 AM
  4. cap10mark's Avatar
    I am going to check out a Curve when they come to Verizon to see what the difference is. I love the size of my Pearl, and the Suretype is awesome! I found it easy to get used to a joy to use.
    04-22-08 12:25 PM
  5. ywbyun's Avatar
    Curve has more internal memory as well. Do a search on Curve vs. Pearl on this forum and you'll find a ton of information. It's been discussed many many times before.
    04-22-08 01:00 PM
  6. Bramsy's Avatar
    its like a Hummer vs. a BMW.

    both are great vehicles for transportation. (kinda)

    both have their + and -
    04-24-08 12:25 AM
  7. ywbyun's Avatar
    its like a Hummer vs. a BMW.

    both are great vehicles for transportation. (kinda)

    both have their + and -
    Kind of off topic but, are you serious? Hummer? Maybe if you're talking about the old school beasts that the army uses but the new ones are garbage!! How dare you even put that in a sentence with a Beamer...

    Just my $0.02
    04-24-08 01:56 AM
  8. Bramsy's Avatar
    You get the gist of what I was saying.

    2 high end means of transportation (kinda) with one being bigger than the other.

    Sorry, shoulda said Escalade vs. CTS.


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    04-24-08 12:24 PM
  9. Bramsy's Avatar
    Come on guys po op ?

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    04-24-08 12:25 PM
  10. aaronk717's Avatar
    To kinda tag on to what everyone else has sais the only differences are obvious. Size being first. keypad being second. The biggest difference is prolly the mem leak issue. You might wanna read up on this on the pearl if you dont already know. the curve wont have the mem leak issue. its os runs more like the 8830. both have 2.0 megapixel cameras...neither are global. The curve will basically be an 8830 minus the global capabilities and obviously it will have extensive media capabilities.
    05-02-08 11:26 PM