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    Hi, this is my first post and im not too familiar with these forums, looked briefly for help w/ my problem but please dont jump on me if this has been answered somewhere else.. thanks.

    Okay, well i have 2 pearls.. 1 white and 1 black. both are locked to t mobile network.

    The black one i have i recieved from a friend of mine who works at a nightclub here in vegas and comes across phones all the time. he grabbed this one because his died but was unaware of how to unlock so he passed it on to me. When i recieved it, i put in my TMo simcard and plugged it in to charge it. It then worked fine for about 12 hours. i plugged it in that night and went to bed. when i woke up, and took it off the charger it died and now when i have a battery in it, i get the red indicator light for about 1-2 seconds, then that turns off. 2-3 seconds later the phone turns on and i get the hourglass, it rotates 2-4 times then proceeds to power off and repeat this. Is there a simple fix to this? As i said the phone worked perfectly for about 12 hours that i had it, phone calls in and out, internet, sms, mms, etc. only problem with this phone when i got it is that the volume +/- on the side of the phone was not working.

    I have another 8100 as well, works perfectly fine but the screen broke(as explained below).

    The white one i have had for several months and works fine, but last week i was pulling my keys out of my pocket to lock my door and it fell out onto concrete and about 85% of the screen went white and when gently pressed, the white part "bleeds" (not sure if this is the right term) black and then will slowly return back to white. again, this works fine, and i can even see a portion of the screen, not enough to retrieve any contact information or have it be much use at all. I suppose my question on this one would be how hard is this to fix or which one would be more worthwhile?

    SO::: here are my questions out of all of this.

    Is there and easy fix to the power on/off problem with teh first phone?

    If i used one of them for parts... which would be easier/safer(for the phone)/possible to do.. change out the volume "control" to the black phone or the screen to the white and working phone? No water dmg to any visible indicators on either phone.

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    08-27-08 07:04 PM
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    1 try wiping the phone and install new OS
    2 screens aren't that hard, never swapped out volume controls
    08-27-08 07:08 PM
  3. pltaylor's Avatar
    so did he just find the first one on the floor of the club?
    08-27-08 07:09 PM
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    same thing I was thinking pltaylor,
    09-23-08 06:15 PM