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    Hi, I got my Pearl wet but I immediately took it apart to take out the battery and dry it as much as possible. I let it sit under a lamp for a few hours then when I tried putting back the battery the only thing that happened was that the red LED light turned on faintly. I held the red turn off button and the LED light turned on brightly but nothing happened. I installed the Blackberry desktop manager and connected my Pearl to the USB but the computer did not recognize it. Is there anyway my Pearl can get saved? Please any help is appreciated!!
    10-15-08 11:41 AM
  2. Machine gunport's Avatar
    put it in a sealed bag of rice. that usually works pretty good for getting all moisture out of nooks and crannies. worked on cell phones i've had in the past. not sure about blackberries.
    10-15-08 12:08 PM
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    hmmm ok ill try it out..never heard of that message but its worth a try..any other suggestions are wanted please!!
    10-15-08 03:46 PM
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    Try using a hair dryer. Also remove any removable parts (battery, battery cover, screen cover if thats removable) before blowing it. (I couldn't resist ) It may also be the battery thats not working and not the actual phone itself. Good luck!
    10-15-08 05:51 PM
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    I here the rice trick works wonders but whatever you do leave the battery out.

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    10-15-08 06:23 PM
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    I dropped mine in the dog's water bowl last week, it was in for just a couple of seconds. Did the battery pull, put the BB under the blow dryer (on low), then completely covered in a bowl of rice overnight and it has worked like a charm all week! Of course, I read all of those tricks on CB!!! Good luck
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    10-15-08 09:04 PM
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    PLease just two questions, and its because I have te same problem I walked in the rain and y suspect that my BB get wet,please
    1. The red indicator is steady red or it turns on and off continuously.
    2. Your screen is black or is white

    its because I dont know if my problem was moist or was by the fact that I was upgrading my OS when it starts.
    I appreciate your information.
    and put the BB in a bag of rice all the night I know this fix the problem
    ok bye
    10-16-08 07:17 PM
  8. dakatone's Avatar
    It could also be the actual LCD. The way most of the companies connect LCDs and touchscreens on smaller embedded systems is through a special adhesive that 'glues' the wires down on the proper plating thus resulting in signal transfer. However, this is not a waterproof glue and many times if gotten wet even one little connection coming off will render the screen bad. That's just one scenario though...

    Worst case scenario is that you had any foreign particles (when I say particles I mean small particles of dust or otherwise) that when melded with the water caused a short circuit. Water will not necessarily cause this short circuit, but the debris that can be in the water will. Hopefully this is not the case.

    If it is worth it to you take it by an authorized technician for RIM. They can disassemble the phone and systematically check for signals in the circuitry. Call RIM to see where one might be near you. Hopefully they won't ask you to mail her off...

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    10-18-08 05:11 AM
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    Tx Dakatone, I dont knew that , I call RIM
    10-21-08 05:33 PM