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    A friend of mine has a 8130 too and she has been having problems. Maybe someone can give some answers. A couple months ago it started to not have any memory her call list etc would dissappear and not hold any logs, even when she was messenging she couldn't always pull it up or only partial conversation. She does have a memory card. (mine did the same thing until I bought a card)
    And then it started to not hold a charge, after charging it would last only about 5 minutes and die. She took it back to Telus and they sent it away and sent back a new "refurbished" one and it was ok for about a week and now the same thing is happening again, she went back again they said here have a new battery and she told them it wasn't the battery, took it anyway and 5 minutes later the phone was dead.
    Anyone have any ideas of what is going on? It seems strange this is another phone and the same thing is happening.

    10-21-08 11:13 AM