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    Ok I need help please!!!!

    I used the "wizard" thing and anyway, I don't think I've got it right with my email. I use Yahoo. There IS a Yahoo icon on my bberry and I DO get Yahoo mail...but....something seems off. First of all, I see duplicate msgs in the Yahoo icon bin as well as within the Messages icon. Why do they seem to show up twice? Also, it's REALLY annoying that when I make a call or send an email it's copied in these areas immediately and I get "notified" that I have a new msg/email when it's really the one I JUST SENT MYSELF. And Yahoo...shouldn't I have it so I see my inbox, sent items, folders in Yahoo, deleted, drafts, etc.??? I don't see ANY of this...just one list of msgs...

    05-02-08 03:47 PM