1. schmiste's Avatar
    Has anyone actually used an 8 GB SDhc card in your pearl. I have been using a 2 GB and version
    04-08-08 08:46 AM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    Yes, many people have.
    04-08-08 08:48 AM
  3. asif9t9's Avatar
    8GB worked fine for me when I had OS ver 0.65.
    04-08-08 08:49 AM
  4. schmiste's Avatar
    Thanks, Alltel was not able to confirm that. What do you know about 16 GB. New software needed?
    04-08-08 09:00 AM
  5. jsanders's Avatar
    OS 4.5 will be needed for more than 8gb
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    04-08-08 09:04 AM
  6. detman101's Avatar
    I use an 8gb card.
    Works fine with sprint OS 4.3

    04-08-08 09:18 AM
  7. schmiste's Avatar
    Thanks for your help
    04-08-08 12:39 PM
  8. Garz's Avatar
    BlackBerry devices that have media card capabilities are: 8100, 8300 and 8800.

    They all use a MicroSD card and have the following maximum card GB capacities:

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 Up to 2GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 Up to 4GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 Up to 4GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 Up to 8GB
    04-08-08 02:24 PM
  9. alexd1983's Avatar
    My wife and I have been using 8 gb cards in our berries since December. No problems
    04-12-08 09:37 AM