1. sniffs's Avatar
    I thought the older camera enabled devices were going to get video recording love..

    I have seen a Pearl 8120 on AT&T and an 8130 on Verizon and both are on 4.3 OS and have the icon..

    my 8100 with 4.5 does not have the icon/feature.. wtF?
    04-11-08 11:40 AM
  2. kjun's Avatar
    no, i believe you gotta go under camera/options and switch to videos
    04-11-08 12:03 PM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    I have heard that the 8100 wil not have video recording even with 4.5. If you look here and get through all the emotion there isa post that says just that.

    True/false, it sounds like you just proved it false to me.

    It is difficult to say with 4.5 becuse it has not been released yet and I suspect that the way people have been downloading it has esulted in a lot of different releases both new and old. There is also the question of does 4.5 install the same acrross the whole range of hardware. Also are all 8100 the same? There are always minor harware revisions in manufacturing so maybe one oft e above is the problem or, maybe it just will never work on the 8100.

    What we all want is the real 4.5 - Real Soon Now.
    04-11-08 12:09 PM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    no, i believe you gotta go under camera/options and switch to videos

    Whoa! Try it quick please and then get back here. Boy would I like vieo on my 8100
    04-11-08 12:13 PM
  5. sniffs's Avatar
    It's not there.. I opened the Camera, pushed the BB button and went to options and didn't see anything about Videos..
    04-11-08 12:15 PM
  6. Pete6's Avatar
    --- rats ---
    04-11-08 04:54 PM
  7. sniffs's Avatar
    Just another way for AT&T to squeeze even more money out of us.. make a wanted feature on a new device, but even though the older device is capable, leave it out..

    Capitalism at it's best..
    04-11-08 04:56 PM
  8. thewaffle's Avatar
    Has nothing to do with ATT blame RIM actually.
    05-25-08 07:48 PM
  9. antiandy's Avatar
    From what I am told, the 8100 is unable to record video with a simple OS upgrade. You would have to physically go into the device and replace the camera itself with a newer model that has this function.
    I wish my Pearl had the capability, but for me, having the only model that can use the colorpearl app is a worthwhile tradeoff. Its one of the few times in life I've chosen fashion over function.
    I can really only think of maybe 3-4 times in the last 6 months where I'd have benefitted from a video option, anyway...whereas coloring my trackball is useful to me every second I use it.
    Guess its all about what you want most out of your device.
    Point being, you want to shoot video, you're gonna have to upgrade your Berry.

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    05-25-08 08:23 PM
  10. benkild's Avatar
    Unfortunatly, the 8100 can't shot video. I installed on my spare one last night and it didn't have the icon. If I remeber right, when the new os does come out, it'll have almost everything the curve have except for the video and a few other things.
    05-25-08 08:46 PM
  11. faleman's Avatar

    Dear all,

    I installed 3 weeks ago the .18, and there is no way to shoot video with the pearl.

    We have to wait to get a Bold....


    Queridos compaeros,

    Instale hace 3 semanas el .18 y no es posible grabar video con el pearl.

    Tendremos que esperar para tener un Bold...


    05-25-08 11:24 PM