1. cscityBB's Avatar
    I have a client who is having repeated issues with her Pearl 8100 connecting to her Infinity M35. We have tried removing the pair from the phone and the car and recreating the pairing several times however. The link appears fine at first the car does recognize it however she does not have access to the contacts address book from the car's navigation screen. Also when she attempts to make or receive a call the bluetooth in the car does not seem to work at all. We have tried wiping the phone in the past and this initially fixes the issue but then soon there after its back to the same problem. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. I tried a similar post in the bluetooth section but looks like less people look there.
    11-10-08 12:39 PM
  2. pulliamjs's Avatar
    I just got a 2008 M35x w/o Nav. I had the same problem. I did two things to fix it.

    1. On your Pearl, select the Infiniti device within your Bluetooth app. It should be listed as 'Bluetooth Handsfree.' Select 'Device Properties' and change the 'Trusted' setting from 'Ask' to 'Yes.'

    2. Then, go back to the Bluetooth app and select 'Options.' Change the 'Discoverable' option from 'No' to 'Yes.'

    That's it. From now on, your Infiniti should recognize your Pearl (assuming the Bluetooth on your Pearl is on, of course).

    Also, I don't think it supports transferring Address Books from the Pearl to the Infiniti. You'll have to set up your addresses on the Infiniti. Not a big deal, IMO.

    01-10-09 09:22 PM