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    ok... first time poster, first time blackberry owner.

    saw the thread on updateing the os to the .181 or w/e it was.

    followed the instructions

    everything was going good

    then it started making a noise like it was connecting then disconnecting a bunch of times.

    then instalation stopped and now my black berry has a 507 on the screen...

    i did the restore option, but my computer wont reconize my black berry and i cant restore it...

    i have a 8100 pearl, tmobil

    im ******** out. please help

    edit:UPDATE: ok, so i found the thread about dead BB's, followed the steps, seemed like it was going to install and be fine, but it started making the same connect and disconnect noise and said that it was unable to complete

    im sooooo stressin out...

    edit:UPDATE#2: ok everyone, went back to the thread about dead BB's and followed a link that took me to a guide posted on this very site, late 07 during the holidays, and that one got me back on track, the trick was to keep it from automatically rebooting in a loop.

    i also went to t-mobils site and downloaded the OS that came on my phone, i think im done tryin to update the OS until somethin signifacant comes out (4.5 ).

    i kno people woulda helped if they could, so im gonna thank every one anyways!

    lol sorry my first posting's had to be this, i actually had a better idea for a first post, but then this happen lol.

    thx again.
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